Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The day life stood....still

I could call this story of a broken ankle as "The day my life slowed down" or " The day I limited my options within a second"

Its a story of accepting that disability has taken over and that everything you do will be a thousand times slower. A frustating life indeed.

You'll be sitting at the corner of your kitchen eating your meals like a maid because you can't carry your plate, and sweating it out at home in the heat even though its sunny outside. Taking a walk in the park will not be easy because getting to the park itself is a challenge.

So what's the difference between the rich and the poor? The difference is that the rich are provided with more options, and these options enable more opportunities in life. It's nothing to do with the money you see So what's the difference between an able-bodied person and a cripple? The able bodied person is provided with more options and opportunities than a cripple. And trust me, you won't believe how many opportunities an able bodied person is afforded until you've lost it.

It may seem that the cripple has it worse off; the poor can choose to earn and not be poor however the cripple can remain a crippled indefinitely. However I've seen some people who are down in the pits and never climb out of their situation. And then there are cripples who defy their broken bodies to do things even better than an able-bodied person. Watch the Paralympics to know what I mean.
It's all in the perspective and the attitude in life.

So with that,  I'd like to thank a friend of mine for encouraging me to get out of my pit and take a "walk" in the sunshine today.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your broken ankle. I know the feeling as I was in a cast for 6 months when I slipped near the peak of mount kk. Didn't realize the fracture until a week later when my feet was still blue black.

Still never let that stop me from working or traveling as I still drive (fracture was on left ankle) and attended my friend's wedding in Vietnam.

Take care and have a speedy recovery.