Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aurora Dreams

Last night one of my dreams came true - I saw the Aurora Borealis. I had to walk down a very dark road and through the forest to get to the lake...felt a bit silly though but I had a feeling that tonight was THE night. Was a bit scared by the thought of being attacked by bears or some wild animal. Shadows casted funny shapes on the branches and leaves and I jumped once at my own shadow. Finally I came through a little clearing with the view of the water.After getting over the spookiness of the dark, the beauty of the night gradually loomed before me. Millions and millions of stars were in the sky that night. You could see their little points of light reflecting from the calm inky surface of the lake. There was total silence and the trees occasionally rustled (from the wind?)Quietly I waited, not knowing how long I would stand there in the cold. It was after 5-10 minutes or so when the lowest stars started to dazzle and shimmer very brightly....something was happening off the horizon. I looked again, not sure if it was my imagination. There it was, that red low star and the white one off to the left flashing like mad. Slowly slowly, a white shadow like a moving cloud appeared. It began changing shape and before I knew it, a band like a very faint greenish arc materialized over the horizon. It moved constantly; sometimes like a line, sometimes like a cloud, sometimes getting brighter and sometimes fading away.. It was a very shy aurora, not very bright but nevertheless one which was there; which I have waited for a long time to see. It remained in the sky with me, doing its little dance in the sky. Slowly, it moved to the left, blocked by the trees and out of view and finally was no more.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures with me. However at the exact hour, a few kilometres away at another lake, Nicolas Zea, a photographer in Umea was photographing it. He's kindly given me permission to post it which is the photo you see here now.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well(Official Music Video)

Ok this is me distracting myself from the exam on Monday but I find this video very funny- JLo kickin ass!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life Changing Experiences

I met up with Kim Chu online and we had a nice chat. She's now setting up her own child learning experience centre now. Whilst chatting I heard that Khay Ling got married in London to her sweetheart she met in her AIESEC traineeship in India.

Now I look back 7 years ago how I was going to INTI college to recruit some SNs (Student Nominees in AIESEC terms). It was a new initiative which I was interested to pursue with the encouragement of my EB members because it was something new which LC UKM hadn't done before. It's funny how this event in my life connected to the current lives of others. If we hadn't gone to INTI, we wouldn't have met Khay Ling and if Khay Ling hadn't decided to go to India, she wouldn't have met Lasse and if she hadn't met Lasse, she wouldn't be in London now, happily married.

Life sure works in mysterious ways

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Seen spray painted on the road, in between Alidhem and the university

"Kill Your Boyfriend"

500m further on

"Kill Your Girlfriend"

Otherwise, Umea is 'graffitti'less and spotless

Two Worlds

She hurried down the street determinedly, as if a hurricane was blowing her persistently from behind. A man walking in the opposite direction almost collided into her...little did he know that the inner force driving her was the motor in her mind whispering 'Go, go, go'...Her mind was in the future; what she needed to do in the next five minutes, what she would be doing in the next 5 days, the next 2 months, checking lists mentally, calculating.

She walked leisurely down the beaten path - there were bikers deftly maneuvering between the pedestrians. How she admired them...they must feel powerful on their spindly machines. Two women were walking in front of her, casually talking about something 'the weather?' she wondered... The wind was blowing, the gust of wind against her, trees rustling,the sound of 'flap-flap-a-flapping' in her ears. She has never felt so in the in the now.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Top of the World

Slung from a plane out of Milan, jettisoned across Paris and Stockholm to land on the Top of the World, also known as Umea. UmeĆ„ is about 600 km north of Stockholm at 63°50′N, 20°15′E and about 400 km south of the Arctic Circle -that's what I mean - way up there....Umea could be any other small town in the American Mid-West albeit with birch trees and a lot more watery inlets. I find it difficult to believe that I am that far up north - probably the furthest any of my living relatives have ever been - could travel to Kiruna too and push the benchmark a little higher.

So what does it feel like to be here? Frankly speaking, a little daunting. They weren't joking when they said the city centre was a cross-junction between two roads. When the plane taxied down the runway, there were only trees, miles of trees, carpetful of trees i.e. birch, firs ...and where were the buildings?...Of course I'm exaggerating about the cross-road thingy. Umea is pretty developed for a little big town...but I do miss Milanese buses - at least I knew when it would arrive. Here, all that's missing were those temporal indicators at the bus stop and the buses themselves. We could wait forever in the cold and not know when one would come.

Missed too were the occasional city plans and road notices. I guess being so small, no one would need a map anyway - oh, the grocery? Take a right at the first tree, then left and follow the sun. whoo pee

Will go to sleep now - tomorrow am going to catch a fish for dinner and pick some mushrooms.....hej do!