Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh !

There was an old re-run of friends in the first season on SKY.

In the closing scene, Monica knocks on Ross' ex-fling's (who has a hygiene problem) door and says:

"HI I'm Ross sister and he told me about your apartment and I can't sleep - can I clean your apartment?"

I AM Monica!!


Word of the day: Mantle

man tai!....screamed the chinese aunty. The literal translation of 'Problem'! Who doesn't have problems these days? Especially with the petrol price hikes and notwithstanding increasing prices on the noodles. Old chinese aunty isn't too fogey to fathom it

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Just watched 'Wicked' yesterday night. After being in London for almost 2 months and coming here so many times, I never had the opportunity to catch a single musical. Well it was worth it - fantastic music, backdrop and costumes. It's a clever story based on Gregory Maguire's book Wicked:The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Thanks to Alden though for being a good 'teman' and listening to my tirade before - sorry ah

I wonder how many hours of work the cast has to go through for each scene and little movement - it must take such amount of stamina. And they have to perform it for 8 days a week for months(years?)- nothing short of amazing. Alisha Khadime was the star in this show I think - I prefer the quality of her voice compared to the other female performers in the show.

I didn't even realize that the music was live - thought it was a recording until I saw the conductor waving about in the middle. Oh well, it's really years before Malaysia can get to this level of entertainment.

Anyway if Wicked does ever come to your shore, I'd highly recommend it.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Growing Sweet William

Watched The Wonder Years today - it was hilarious. Not that i really watch the telly but there's one with Sky in my room but I haven't touched it since moving in plus its a Sunday morning after all.

Amy thinks I should write in my blog more - though have been lazy at it since no one reads it in the first place. (if you are say 'aye'....exactly my point)

In between settling down in London, my weekends have been pretty sporadic and so is my weekday schedule. I did decide on a low-maintenance hobby which I gathered would not take too much time and effort i.e. growing plants. Put in a garden plus a dash of botanical inspiration (most of the houses around East Acton have gorgeous blossoms), I popped down the local Pound stretcher and found a box of ready-potted gloxinia seeds. I watered them and waited for almost 2 weeks and realized they were duds - it cost only 20p no wonder.

So I went down to the nearby Home Base and paid a little more for a pack of Sweet William (Dianthus Barbatus - 1.75GBP for 800 seeds). I chose seeds which were supposed to be sown between July- September; apparently I'm a little late for the gardening season. Oh well I'll try anyways.

I planted the little black seeds, doubtful of their worth.

And with much surprise they started sprouting after a week.

It will take a whole year before they turn into these(see below)

But it would be interesting to see how far William will grow under my green thumb.