Sunday, October 07, 2012

Diary of a Broken Ankle : Day 57

After 18 days after cast removal and 3 physio sessions, I just came off the one crutch. Still walking with a little limp but the muscles are getting stronger. 

Initially I was leaning more on the outer part of the foot and every other muscle in the foot was just floppy. Waking up in the morning guaranteed a sore ankle and it was a pain to step on it. Still needed one crutch at least and had to negotiate stairs one step at a time. Achy pains were around the end bits of the peroneus longus, plantar fascia and in the medial intrinsic muscles of the foot.

As time went along, the other muscles in the foot started getting into the swing of things. Though I can't do ankle raises on the one foot yet, I can start to pretend I don't have a limp.