Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Book Clubs and Such

Yesterday I attended a very interesting book club who call themselves "Fiction and Friends". Previously I think I posted some updates on my starting a book club and this is the follow up on that story.

The meeting was in Bangsar on a very quiet hill. Not knowing what to expect, I went up to the apartment where the gathering was the be held. The door was ajar already, expecting the coming of guests....and that set the mood of the meeting. I felt of course a little out of place and awkward as it's not everyday I step into a strange person's home, among strangers, to discuss about of all things, books. I was even more abash when everyone started off at the dinner table - not only am I invading someone's house, I was going to eat their food too!

But everyone was just lovely. Not overbearing, polite and friendly - they were genuinely interested and concerned about helping me in my own book club. 8-10 ladies, one gentleman and all sincerely enthusiastic about books. Again I felt a bit embarrassed that my knowledge on fiction and well-known authors was so poor. Nevertheless, they were all very positive and encouraging - there was never any pressure and that's how I think our book club will be.

Sharon, Muntaj, Jessica, Sandra, Monisha, Krishna, the pretty lady with short hair, the quiet lady next to her, the young Chinese girl who reads a lot, Sarab, Shashi - thank you for the wonderful evening and for sharing your love for books!