Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stuff on my desk

Margaret Atwood's "The Year of The Flood"
The Economist's "Headhunters and How to Use Them"
Robert Pirsig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"
Seibel and Khalisa's "A Woman's Book of Yoga"
Louis de Bernieres' "Birds Without WIngs"
Tash Aw's "Map of the Invisible World"
BBC Good Food's "101 Cakes and Bakes"
Rabiah Amit's "Kek Lapis Sarawak"

3 different ring binded notebooks - 2 big, 1 small
A big-button calculator
A blue plastic file full of papers and name cards
A blue-grey old Nokia 1101
A grey Nokia mobile phone (unknown model)
2 clear plastic file with bank statements, letters and stuff
A 160GB external hard drive
A pink bottle of rose water
A pot of vaseline (100g)
A small vial of Estee Lauder's 'Paradise'
A 400ml of baby oil from Tesco's (30% full now)
A plastic box of cotton buds
A bottle of tea tree oil toner
A pink bottle of rose water
A guitar capo (black)
An egg (musical one with beans in it)
A bottle of T3 Mycin
An empty oversqueezed bottle of Garnier's Skin Natural Long-lasting shine control moisturizer
A silver hole puncher
A small vanity mirror on a grey stand
A glass of water with apple cider vinegar in it
A mug of Christmas Tea with a teaspoon in it

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas and New Year's in Sunny Malaysia

2009 has come and gone. This year had its moments - America's first coloured President,the passing of Michael Jackson, the economic depression in the UK, warmer than usual summer and finising off with sudden continuous snowfall....Pretty eventful.

Rushed back on the plane back home, not without sleeping in Stansted due to the delayed Airasia flight.

Good to be with Mom and Dad and Flo back home. Warm weather, sweaty pants, eat eat eat. Nothing like being anak emas again.

Big Sis Flo 'belanja me eat' Japanese and then took me to a cool Salsa place in Jln Sultan Ismail called Paradize Lodge.

Trusty Angie had planned an exciting Boxing day do and met some nice friends for a sing song session.

Met up with good ole friends for makan makan (Yin Li = Min sin at Jln Alor, Stan and Aretha = Loh Shi Fun, Hui Yee , A again and Amber = Siu Siu seafood, Kajai gang = steamboat,Vini+ChewP = home made cakes)

Shiv and Kal were the only ones who's meet up involved some phyical activity albeit the best kind = ultimate on Padang Astaka.

Then new year's with Angie with bbq and conteng - conteng baju(only she would think of such fab activities).

It was fun to be back - shopping , taking the LRT, eating, sleeping - driving my trusty little box-car, seeing the old Chinese uncles and aunties, ladies in tudung, pak cik-pak cik. Despite all you hear, Malaysia may be screwed up but it's home sweet home.