Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back to Grind....

Ok, here we go again....assignments, exams, deadlines bla bla. Check out some of my coursemate's MSN Nicks....

"Quantifying quality is driving project management crazy!"

"Fed up fed up! - trabajando, ke terror!"

"Enjoying chilled sangria" (???)

We are a pretty fun bunch...considering some of our eccentricities (like assignment extensions and the occasional sleeping in class) . I guess we were lucky to have lived together on campus in Edinburgh. This bonded us somewhat which provided the support network for a bunch of foreigners living in a foreign land. There's also the lack of local interaction - which looking at the way the course was designed is somewhat a drawback but no one's complaining.

And so here we are again, deja-vu.....invasion of the assignments, exams and last minute working. Dai dai dai.....buh

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good and Bad Memories

Do you have a medicine for cuts? I cut my finger today.

" I got plaster...Or Tiger Balm but I don't think Tiger Balm can put on cuts"

No, no I don't think so. I want something for cuts. Stupid glass, I was washing it (makes movement) and the piece came out and I cut myself.

"Yeah, the glass is not good quality...The other day, Nga also broke the glass, she just touched it and then don't know how, the piece came off"

Stupid glass. Not good quality one.


I'm going to take a picture....

"Iyee.....Why?? it's not a good memory"

It looks weird. I want to remember this.

After all why not remember bad memories? All memories serve a purpose.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Life is a marathon

God bless, completed my 2nd marathon. After the 21st km this time in Prague, I felt my legs getting numb and I knew I was in trouble. Didn't feel like this while in the Rome marathon. But nevertheless I persisted...better go slow than to stop. And so goes life....

It was great to stand at the start with everyone cheering and raring to go - the gentleman next to me was enthusiastic and asked me if it was my first marathon. I said it was my second. Then someone patted me on the back. They were Italian 'golden' marathoners...aged in their 50s but with times of 4h and less! The lady next to me asked me where I was from, and I said 'Malaysia'. She was Czech returning from the US and running her 5th marathon. And like in life you never know when you'll meet nice accompaniments such as these who'll give you encouragement and good will.

Towards the 38th, I started walking, no amount of bananas or sugar cubes could make me run to the next station -couldn't feel my legs anymore. Felt a bit disappointed with myself but I wanted to finish it. Everyone else was walking too....At the 41st, someone behind me said 'Allez!', my favourite song started playing and the volunteers were so cheerful so I picked it up again and ran like nothing all the way to the finish line. And like in life, never give up! "The Pain is Temporary but the Pride is Forever"

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Had a great time with Marianne and Pascal 3 weeks ago in Belgium (they just got married last Friday - congratulations my dears!) Last week was in Varese with Luca and his family (thank you Luca, you are a real sweetie) Today going off to Prague. Vaggio vaggio vaggio

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Un Senso Di Tei

A un passo dal possibile

Just a pace from what's possible

A un passo da te

Just a pace from you

Paura di decidere

Fear to decide

Paura di me

Fear of myself

Di tutto quello che non so

Of everything I don't know

Di tutto quello che non ho

Of everything I don't have

Eppure sentire

Nevertheless, feeling

Nei fiori tra l'asfalto

In the flowers over the pave

Nei cieli di cobalto

In those cobalt blue skies



Eppure sentire

Nevertheless, feeling

Nei sogni in fondo a un pianto

In those dreams at the end of a cry

Nei giorni di silenzio

In those days of silence

C'è... un senso di te

There's... a sense of you

C'è un senso di te

There's a sense of you

Un senso di te

A sense of you

C'è un senso di te...

There's a sense of you...