Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Pet Pig

This is Pigg
Pigg is round
Pigg likes to eat
Pigg eats chocolate frogs
Pigg likes to eat bamboo
Pigg also likes to eat candy
Pigg dislikes chips
Pigg also dislikes eating truffles
For some reason Pigg likes Pork buns
Maybe Pigg is a cannibal
Or even worse, a zombie
Because zombies are blue and so is Pigg
Zombie Pigg doesn't look happy
Maybe Zombie Pigg wants to eat other Piggs

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Favicon, Flavicon, Fiovicon

OK FYI in case you were wondering, I didn't get sick after eating the snow and it's been 24 hours already. Nevertheless I had a great time eating that thingy.

I've been tinkering on my blog - didn't like the "Tic Tac" template provided by Blogger 'cause the margins were too wide so I thought I'd follow the 3 column-style provided by this great blog (Tips for New Bloggers) Special thanks to Jiann for recommending this site who's got a nice blog himself too.

The thing that kept me most occupied was trying to figure out how to make the Favicon show. In case u didn't know, a Fav - Eye -Con is the little piccy next to your url in the address page. I made my own out of Paint and generated it as an .ico file on any free Online Favicon Generator searchable on Google. (it's a blue frog in case u were wondering) . Thought of ripping some cartoon off Google Search Image but it was more fun to create one to fla-vi-con my blog. Sometimes the thing doesn't show for reasons unknown - so if you're reading this, do me a favour and tell me if it's still there. There are loads of rubbish sites out there (decepti-Cons) and I couldn't figure out why it didn't show. Apparently Blogger rejects .ico files unless you've uploaded one in your cache in googlepage creator. And another quirk is that Googlepages can't recognize the file if it's called 'Favicon'. So if u plan to upload your .ico file, rename it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ice Kacang in Umea

What do u do when it snows like crazy and you've got peanuts in your cupboard? Make some 'Ice kacang' of course.

"Snow Nuts" translated literally is a popular Malaysian dessert in all its sugary, unhealthy glory. After coming back from Scharinska at 11pm, had a whim to eat some snow so I went out with a bowl and went to a spot where I thought there'd be the cleanest snow - on an outdoor table where no dog could reach.

Before that I filled the bottom with corn, peanuts and jam. After scooping some snow, I poured some dark corn syrup on it...yummy.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Famous Traitors

Judas Iscariot

George W. Bush

George H. W. Bush

People who don't follow their dreams

Marcus Junius Brutus

Brad Pitt

Mary Queen of Scots

Anakin Skywalker

Sandy Stranger

Briony Tallis

Monday, March 10, 2008


After being in Europe for 16 months: 1/3 divided almost equally between 3 different `European`countries , personally this author feels that an important part of the experience has yet to be spoken about. Not to downplay the positive aspects of the course, the one thing that none of us have really mentioned was the sometimes unpleasant incidences of discrimination felt.

Some examples:

Incident 1:
A few of us boarded a bus to go to school from the apartment. None of us spoke the language as it was within the first few days of our arrival. One of us (who was dark skinned and obviously looking foreign) was poked on the shoulder by a male passenger on the bus. The passenger pointed at our friend and indicated him to move away . At first our friend thought it was a friendly gesture, but then it seemed apparent that the passenger was gesturing him to ´go and stand in the corner away from me´. Our friend quietly moved away without a fuss. Another one of us who spoke a little of the language was cheesed at this and told the gentleman ´The bus is for EVERYBODY´

Incident 2:
One of us related about an experience at the post office. Although she didn’t speak the language, she attempted to buy stamps by saying ´francobollo´. The lady at the counter was not very happy and pointed at another counter. Apparently they didn’t sell stamps at the main counters in the post office. Upon arriving at the correct counter, she attempted again to buy stamps. The gentleman behind the counter was also quite unhappy for no apparent reason and showed it by throwing the change on the counter at the poor girl.

Although the above incidences seem trivial, the sum of such occurrences in the life of the foreign student in Europe is stressful and ugly.

According to Piper in Boxill (2001), when we say a person is a discriminating person, we mean that he/she has refined tastes and subtle convictions: that he/she exercises the capacity to make fine distinctions of a thing and base positive and negative valuations on these actual properties. However judging a person inferior based on race, is a failure of perception to distinguish finely the properties he/she has or has not i.e. which is also a failure to meet the challenge of cognitive discrimination by confining the range of judgement to those objects and properties to only known pre-existing categories and concepts.

It would seem na├»ve to say that the world has progressed and racism and discrimination are being tackled especially in ´developed´ nations what with ´globalisation´ and international-understanding-whatnots tiding the foray. However the level and intensity is still surprising despite the ´supposed´ advancement of these societies.

All in all, cognition does not win over emotion still.

Piper, A.M.S., 2001, ´Two Kinds of Discrimination´ in Boxill, B., (ed) Race and Racism, New York: Oxford University Press

Saturday, March 01, 2008

White Teeth

Snow quietly fell overnight as if God tipped gigantic amounts of vanilla sugar everywhere. It's all white and powdery and looks prettiest on the giant trees. Feels like Christmas' in the air even though the end of February is approaching. I like walking in it the most i.e. feeling my foot sink into the stuff, jumping, stomping around in it but risk looking like a stoner stumbling on the sidewalk. Sometimes feel like yelling 'whee' and throw myself in mounds of pristine unbroken snow or maybe scooping some and putting it in my mouth. Rule no 1 of eating snow is, 'Don't eat yellow snow' which are always canine-markings saying 'MY space'...Some are just splats on white but I saw some funny ones today in undulating waves like some crazy art doodle, then realized it was the poor dog trying to keep up with his walker while spraying. Other wise, snow is great. Never get tired of it.