Sunday, April 22, 2012

Virgin London Marathon 2012 - At the 21.32mile marker

The Elite Wheelchair Category - Mens leading the way
Elite Women Runners - Look at how they go....Mary Keitany on the right (She was alone in the lead last year- this year with others at the lead as well). Can't believe they've already run 34km and still speeding away
Elite Men Runners - The Evolution of Man - Kipsang from Kenya - this year's winner. He was so fast even I couldn't do a continuous shutter snap without him running out of the picture.
Sub-4 marathoners - By this time, the London Marathon would have started for 2 hours and 39 mins now. These runners would have a high chance of hitting the mark under 4 hours with 8 km more to go.
Wilson Kipsang in action - Another shot
Elite Men Runners -Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia, Martin Lel of Kenya and Samuel Tsegay of Eritrea. Emannuel Mutai last year's winner is just outside the frame.
Oldest Marathon Runner in the World (101 years old) - Mr Fauja Singh at the 35km marker...I hope you finish Mr Singh! (my personal inspiration to run)