Monday, July 22, 2013

Everyone needs to Search for Sugar Man

Here's a true-life tale that's a must-watch if one still believe in miracles.

Haven't watched a good docu-drama in a long time and this one was floating in the 'hmmm seems interesting , should watch if I have the time'....Ele and Steff watched it and recommended it so I finally got round to doing it and it wasn't a disappointment. 

Didn't realise it had already won the Academy Award (and multiple other awards). Nevertheless this unbelievable tale of the finding of the mysterious anti-apartheid anthem-maker in South Africa is nothing short of inspirational.  If it were true, his life after being discovered is even more so. There should be more sugar-mans on this planet (and also 'what would we do without the internet'?)

More facts if you're interested in the mystery of Sugar Man