Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The 3 Past Weeks in January 2005

Happy New Year!

Oh well, its the 18th of the month so its not really the new year -better late than never. Highlights from the past few weeks(Chronologically):

Week 1
New Year's Eve Celebration
With Sarah,Kajai Gang, Angie and Pooi Ling
Sarah was my partner in crime from Point A in the Rennaissance dinner with the Kajai Gang, moving on to Point B in Pacific Regency with Pooi Ling and the MC gang up to Point C with Angie and Swedish friends in Thai Bar. What a nite! Thanks Sarah for company -you're the best!

Week 2
Kung Fu hustle Experience
With the Slovaks who had a shock (esp Zuzka)
I love this movie that I watched it twice- hilariously funny! Can't call me a banana if I like this film!

Ocean's Twelve
With Terence and Sarah

Zuzka and Laco's Housewarming
With a whole lot of other people

Week 3
MPO New Year in Vienna Concert
With PLing, Zuzka, Laco and Philippe
I love Strauss!

Run Up Bukit Nanas hill with KK Roadies
With Hui Yee, Yoke Li,Vincent, Ah Pua, Pooi Ling
It was a very nice Sunday morning on Pineapple Hill - green trees, clear morning skies and black mosquitoes. The highlight of the morning was of course the breakfast after at yut kee's - kaya toast, kopi o, chicken chop, mee rojak and half boiled eggs

Hmmm....not bad for the first few weeks of 2005! Looking fwd the the rest of the 49 weeks of the year!

"Plan Your Day, especially the use of free time. Unplanned time often becomes wasted time. Make variety part of the planning" - Rev. Joseph Gallagher