Monday, February 08, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 - In the country of my youth

It's funny when you're approaching the middle ages that you start to feel nostalgic about your younger days. Especially when you've been away for a long time and have come home for Chinese New Year - a significant time to reunite with family and friends.

Found this especially so coming home for the holidays - the trees seem greener and Malaysians seem friendlier. The shops in the taman seem smaller and older and the Malaysian drivers seem crazier. Nevertheless it all seems very refreshing somehow.

I would have signed up for Sharon Bakar's 'Dusting off the Cobwebs' course but have to settle sweeping the cobwebs of my mind at home on this blog

 At home there are plenty of dust covered relics of my past that stir up old feelings but they aren't necessarily intense as if you're standing from a distance and looking at yourself. Like an out of body experience but from a different dimension. The strangeness is that this was 'you' and the 'you' that was 'you' is still inside 'you'. The process of forgetting and now remembering stirs up the possibility of what you could be then and could still be in the future. This is especially important because living our daily lives makes one forget that we still have potential within thus making it feel like the doldrums. I'd highly recommend going home to your childhood home to refresh and rejuvenate but of course this isn't possible without the passing of time and going through the ageing process.