Sunday, May 27, 2012

Airport Games - Singapore 1st, Heathrow 2nd, KLIA last

Been back via Singapore Airlines (sitting in an A380 for the first time) and landed in Changi Airport. Seriously impressed with the world-class ambience of Changi - great expanse of space, gleaming floors, well-thought out deco and green plants. The Singaporeans have pulled out all the stops and it shows. Nothing in the airport looks old - including the toilets which looks even fancier than the one at home.

Heathrow  wouldn't be able to match in terms of budget if it were to upgrade, re-fit out and keep up with maintenance costs -the money sure is in Asia now. Although passenger experience is a priority, it still looks jaded and worn somehow.

Then landed in KLIA - which looks like a pasar now compared to Changi. It used to be shiny and new, now cluttered with haphazard kiosks and gaudy advertising on the pillars. Toilets in a less than perfect state ie. water on the floor everywhere, fudged up glass glazing, waiting rooms smelling funny and unclear way-finding. Nevertheless the architecture is still impressive and futuristic- just need to get rid of the trash in it now.

So Passenger Experience from this passenger score - Changi -2, Heathrow - 0.5 and KLIA-0