Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sports Mania

Besides the normal gym routine, I've been dabbling into several different sports for the past few weeks. Like golf -I met up with my trusty friend Lau and good ole Canadian Jamison (who inherited what he calls 'crappy'clubs from his wife's customer) at the KLGCC driving range. My parents are golf maniacs who tried to 'convert' me since 1995. However then, I couldn't really hit the ball and golf never took on somehow. Last Sunday's driving session however changed my perception - I can drive the ball up to min 50 metres - and I'm hooked!

Then there's bowling - I went bowling a few times with different bunch of friends. This is not really my forte though -my average pin per bowl is like 5? So my average score for one game is around 50....definitely some room for improvement.

This Saturday, I'll be joining some friends for another round at the driving range and then to a squash game straight after. This will be my first time playing squash. My previous experience with 'racquet' sports eg tennis, badminton have not been very favourable - somehow I'm not so good with whacking things with a bat so we shall see this weekend.

Till then!