Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diary of a Broken Ankle : Day 39

Merdeka! Merdeka! Shouts my leg. Freed from the cast today after 39 days. I haven't washed my leg since I fell on the field after a round of frisbee.

The nurse used a saw-like contraption that looked like it could cleave my leg but it didn't hurt - just a load of vibrations to break open the cast.  My leg has really shrunk - looks really disgusting.

Finally I got to take a pic of my x-ray. The fracture gap looks like it expanded (!) at one view and closed at another. The doc said I could start FWB (full-weight bearing) and see the physio immediately.
Fracture of the lateral malleolus

Lateral view of the fracture- closing up now

Because I was a bit hesitant to start walking , (after seeing that gap in the fracture),  he gave me an ankle boot and said I could use that for a week.

So at the physios; was told to flex and point and pivot while measuring he measured the angle with a tool that looked like a kind ruler. Then he manipulated my feet to see if there was any pain. Couldn't point my feet downwards  but I could flex my foot abit. Looks the muscles have hardened and knotted up. Was given some exercises to do on a printed piece of paper and sent on my way.

The sensation of putting my feet on the ground was strange- its like electric rods under the sole of my feet as the skin had not felt impact in a while. The boot was more a crutch for my confidence but I used it to walk from Euston road to Oxford circus and take the tube home. It helps as well as a marker for the general public that there's crippled person on the loose.

Anyway after coming home and washing my leg (not scrubbing as was warned!) the skin started to flake off and it feels a bit tender at the moment. 

Dead skin flaking off

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