Friday, July 18, 2014


N8th March 2014- disappearance of life - 239 people
17th July 2014- Loss of life - 295 people

It has never happened in the history of the world; 2 major commercial aviation catastrophes happening in the space of less than 5 months.

The misery is that they are both Malaysia airline flights.  Because it is of high improbability, it has to be conspired rather than coincided. God knows if MAS could survive as a carrier now- I think 3 times before flying it this no matter how deep the bargain. Sad as MAS was once deemed as one of 'the best airlines' in the world. The MH370 incident guaranteed the recognition of Malaysia and where Malaysia is- at least I had no problems with people recognising the country when I tell them where I'm from. The BBC flashed the map of Malaysia and the route MH370 took for weeks when it broke the news. But with MH17, ashamedly I angst being a Malaysian and am tempted to not want to tell where I'm from at least for awhile. No fault of my country but there is so much reputation at stake when you're working to build a British airport-mind you with their obsessiveness over Health and Safety. The whiff of Malaysianness near British high security areas could dispel my career in a jiffy.

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